Premiere: November 2017, Jerusalem

Shattering the myth of falling in love while dedicatedly embracing the feminine body, infused with the classical music created by Farid El-Atrache, the eternal lover –


"Spring returns again greeted by the moon with grace
Where has my lover gone casting me out from love paradise and into flames..."


Alchemy of melody and rhythm through movement.
From Maqam, the position defining a melodic pattern, to Taqsim, the most faithful embodiment of Maqam, transcending time signatures to offer greater freedom. From a heartbeat to the absence of a pulse, music and dance are merged to form cohesion. Dance is an integral part of the ritual and a catalyst of an uplifting experience and inner harmony.  


"…The breeze was a poem sang by the Nile
Its fresh water continuously singing
Its undulating curves, the Oud; the moon rays, its strings…"


Four women face the sacrifice of love


"…Alas, Summer, who shall enjoy the laughter of your nights and days
In your days, my beloved had vowed faithfulness
Your illusion filled his heart with the image of me
Since the day he left and went away
The nightingale songs are merely laments
Roses assume the color of an open wound…"


The end is the beginning, blossoming and withering, expressed through the body


"…Autumn followed suit, replacing blossoms of love…
…And here is Winter extending its nights
As the abandoned confides and cries for the image of the beloved
Sharing the pain and sorrow with the entire world…"   


The agony of love that has inspired a great many mesmerizing poetic creations, replaced by Tarab, a sense of ecstasy and elation.  
A dance ritual throughout the unlimited realms of time and space.  

Special thanks to: Between Heaven and Earth Festival and Ronen Yitzhaki for your courage and trust; the amazing women and dancers for being a muse and generously adding plenty of fascinating insights; Shahar Dor for your great friendship and immense contribution to the artistic discourse; Nabil Tannous and Abed Natur for your attuned Hebrew translation of Addi El Rabi; Daphna Ben Yosef for articulating thoughts and her freestyle English translation of the lyrics; Itamar Heifetz for designing the graphics; Natasha Shakhnes for capturing the moment through the lens; and the endless inspiration of Farid El-Atrache.


Video Title
Orly Portal Dance - The Rite Of Spring Of Farid El-Atrache