Everything is movement. The voice is a dance, the music of the body. It is through dance, Gnawa hymns and Sudanese slave songs that Beijo's original music emerges. The singing of tribal ceremonies, normally performed by men, is here carried by a female voice which, associated with Portuguese lyrics and Brazilian rhythms, awakens a sense of identity and freedom. Thanks to their voices and their instruments, the dancers weave between them a delicate bond, unsubdued to the shackles of time, culture, geography and genre. Dance and music rush into the interstices and bridge the chasms, revealing the potential for balance and equality, everywhere and at all times.

The meeting place is the kiss. The contact area.

Beijo is the kiss
which swallows me,
strips my cells of their nudity.
Lovers are in love with it,
recognize in him
the urgency selected.
The wandering heart finally finds its place.
My body
awakens again to my desire.
my kiss
unites me to my soul,
awake for a moment...
... touched by this kiss.

Video Title
Beijo by Orly portal Brasil