Pelvic Portal Method

"Pelvic Portal" is a unique practice method developed by teacher, dancer and choreographer Orly Portal, based on many years of in-depth research in the pelvic movement and its secrets, inspired by ancient traditions and new discoveries. Many cultures reside in the pelvis in all shades and shapes. We'll call them passions. The "Way of the Wisdom of the Pelvis" that wanders between cultures and between East and West disciplines and anchors in its safe abode. "Here and now" in its full vitality. In-depth mental and anatomical research, particularly in the pelvis. Gravity and weight, movement through listening and deep observation of physical reality, as well as the organization of the skeleton and the necessary tone, which enable spontaneity of movement, and maximum vitality.

Part One – in-depth and meditative practice, we will introduce the pelvis into a creative and emerging laboratory. A series of exercises on the floor, developed over the years in the pelvis of many women and have become a tradition for generations. Encoding and adjusting the position of the pelvis in relation to the body into a correct and adapted posture will enable energetic fullness and rare softness, physical-spiritual expression and physical ability.

Part two will take place and be studied tribally and anciently in a large circle that embraces the pelvis. We will systematically practice movements and complex pelvic techniques, which are subject to rhythms from classical Arabic music and to the rhythm of the weight of the pelvis that is in dialogue with all its components. Rhythm is also an important element in the organization of the energy embodied in the pelvis. With an emphasis on gently and softly transmitting vibration from the pelvis to the rest of the body.

It is important to note that the method can be understood mainly through its full experience in the body, so the emphasis on the experience must be the main thing, and the emphasis on the method will be as a complement to the actual experience of the method in the body. This is also the only way to convey it.

You become an experiential conduit that transmits knowledge and wisdom through your full presence in body and action.

It's like deep Zen work that changes consciousness and lives.

In the first half of the year, we will focus on the experience and understanding of floor exercises. We will also divide them into chapters: a chapter in sitting, a chapter in lying down, and a chapter on the transition to standing. Each chapter will be broken down into different components and possibilities in the same move.

In the first half of the semester we will practice the transfer of the experience and floor work in front of each other or one in front of a group. We will experience and learn how to transfer one exercise and turn it into clear material that exists in the body and transfer it to the body and the system sitting opposite. A kind of experiential intimacy that one leads and the other receives and absorbs the same experience directly into his system.

In the second half of the year, we will delve into the experience and teaching of the rhythm circle and pelvic techniques in all their details.

The five limit rhythms will be as an anchor, each rhythm will be dealt with in a deep, didactic and experiential way.

It is important to note that throughout the year we will experience a full "Pelvic Portal" lesson from beginning to end, including all the techniques and stages in order to focus on the sequence while emphasizing the part of lying/sitting each time.

In each such section, we will learn ways of teaching variations while standing in structure. We will deal with the teaching method of each piece of music according to its sequence and meaning within the construction of the entire lesson.

After we finish the stage of working on the floor, standing in a circle and working in space, we will move on to the personal practicum.

The practicum classes will be part of the course lessons. Each time one of the participants will give a lesson of about an hour and will receive feedback from the attending and Orly.

During the year, the course will host a lecturer on pelvic anatomy and a lecturer on the nervous system.


*It is recommended to bring the course notebook.

Tuesdays 10:00-14:00

The price of the annual course – NIS 12,000

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