Pelvic Portal is a unique practice method developed by teacher, dancer and choreographer Orly Portal, based on many years of pelvic and body movement research, starting with the discipline of classical ballet and contemporary modern dance, North African pelvic dance (Berbers), inspired by ancient traditions from the Berber and Gnawa tribes in the Sahara desert region, Sufi, Persian, Turkish, Egyptian dance – classical and folk and even locally Palestinian inspired dance, many cultures that reside in the pelvis in all shades and shapes. We'll call them passions.

"Like water seeping through rock, with the same patience and dedication, staying in place, in this time and moment, letting the body let go of its weight and load."

In the lessons we will get to know the method, through in-depth meditative practice, we will introduce the pelvis into a creative and emerging laboratory. A series of exercises developed over the years in the pelvis and pelvises of many women, have become a tradition of generations, will direct and code the body and the pelvis in particular into a correct and individual posture adapted to each woman, will allow energetic fullness and rare softness in the body, physical – spiritual – sensual expression embodied in you – woman. The second part takes place and is studied in a tribal and ancient manner in a large circle that spans the world and the pelvis. The pelvis community dances together. We will systematically and repeatedly practice the basic movements of the pelvis, which consist of tiny details and water vibrations that generate fire and combustion. A variety of techniques that have been developed and turned into a very effective method for expanding and realizing the ability and pleasure inherent in the pelvis, with an emphasis on gently and softly transferring vibrations from the pelvis to the rest of the body.

Gateway to Love

In this way and method there is a very strong element of healing and recovery from the wounds of the body and soul, until it is transformed into great joy and passion for life back. At any stage and at any age you are at, you are welcome to let go and lay down the burden of your shoulders and heal with your full weight.

 "Cracks of darkness and light were visible to me every day, progress was very slow but constant, satisfying at the deepest levels, until I could hear the ripples of the water like the gentlest movement of air penetrate the grooves of pain and memory and flood me with healing water." 


*The duration of the lesson is two hours.

*No prior knowledge or experience required.



Annual - 5000 ILS (monthly payment of 417 ILS in 12 installments)

Single lesson - 140 ILS (option for a punch card available)

For registration and payment arrangements, please contact Karina and Hadas –  Contact