"Let go of being ...and just be."

A class that combines elements from the worlds of contemporary dance, improvisation and Feldenkrais.

A unique and profound process, the study of the body in motion as a way to expand self-awareness, improve mobility ability, improve physical and mental functioning, and realize personal, creative and spiritual potential.

Perfecting improvisation skills "maximum movement with minimum effort" in integration into life. 

The beginning of the lesson takes place in complete silence, in which you can listen to the movement of the joints, the most delicate muscle tone and the fluid that flows down the spine, the "music of the body", sometimes accompanied by musical accompaniment adapted to the investigation and the event taking place. 

Recognizing reality is our big dance with ourselves. It is a pure self-gain, in which we dance with full senses, and in harmony with our true, human nature. The duet in these lessons is first and foremost with the self and the ground beneath me, and only when it is ready, it opens and is exposed to the space that envelops and becomes an inseparable part of it and its environment, our very existence in the same place, at the same time, allows for an encounter that is one with reality and one with imperfection. "There are no mistakes" is what I like to say in my lessons, we are like lampposts illuminating each other in an infinite space that is unlimited in time or definition.

The lesson consists of two parts: 

The first part – an investigation of motor function, the lesson focuses on another area and organ in the body. By observing one specific and small movement, all the parts come to life and come to consciousness. In-depth and courageous self-research that enables recognition of body behavior patterns and whether they serve movement efficiency. Study and discernment of all the components in every action: physical, mental, and emotional. It is an intimate and individual research laboratory, this part is carried out under verbal guidance and the researcher listens, learns and researches himself alone, within the sum of all his parts. The good outcome of this process is not measured by the success or achievement of better, faster, or stronger. One of the phrases I say to my students in these classes is "it's not a sport what we do". The profit gained is in vitality, in all the new data that has been placed in the system and supports our great well-being, breathing and existing existence. 

In the second part, improvising, practicing spontaneity – dancing with reality.


Beginning of course:




Annual (42 lessons) - 5670 ILS (12 installments of 473 ILS each)

Single lesson - 150 ILS

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