Preparatory course for the composition of 'Rabia' and enrichment through the practice of Gnawa and Berber dance. With Orly Portal – Long School Day

Semester 1


The composition "Rabia" was inspired by Rabia-al-Adawiyya, an 8th-century Sufi mystic who, through love, compassion and simplicity of her actions, inspired the budding Sufi conception. The work is based on Sufi Persian music dedicated to the poems of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, the greatest mystical poet of the 13th century. The work is based on a variety of techniques – contemporary dance, neoclassical, traditional Sufi dance and Persian folklore, and North African pelvis technique.

First Part – 9:30-12:15

Orly Portal

The "Pelvic Portal" method is a unique method that crystallized into a method following in-depth research into the female movement. "Pelvic Portal" is a dance language based on movement from relaxation; it respects the natural movement of the body and the mental structure of each and every dancer and every person, allowing to experience a deep self-connection and unity with the universe through tiny vibrations in the body, and the pelvis in particular.
In the lessons we will get to know the method, through meditative practice on the floor to prepare the body and orient it towards the dance and recognize the potential inherent in each part of the body, with an emphasis on gently and softly transferring the vibration from the pelvis to the rest of the body organs, to the point of ecstasy and elation.
*Spontaneous movement in the resulting inner space – improvisation in the spirit of the work, learning the final rotation technique and the sacred Sufi symbols, learning and deepening the qualities and unique language of the composition 'Rabia' under Orly's guidance.
Learning the chapter "Rumi of Passion", a finale of the Rabia composition complex are pelvic techniques, combining hand and foot work from Sufi and contemporary dance.

Second Part – 12:30-14:15

Liat Levy – learning additional parts of the choreography of Rabia, “Women”, “Gypsy” and rehearsal management.


Semester 2

First Part – 9:30-12:15

Orly Portal

Practicing the "Pelvic Portal", with an emphasis on a Moroccan tribal ritual movement that connects to the self in an ancient and savage way to discover the passion and power of the Berber pelvis from North Africa, learning the rhythms of the Gnawa from the deserts of the Sahara, practicing rotations and ceremonies of the Sufi Order in Morocco. Learning sheet music and excerpts from the work "Saviriya", Gnawa ceremony, playing krakebs and segets, and Moroccan singing.

Second Part 12:30-14:15

Liat Levy – learning additional parts of the choreography of Rabia, “Waltz”, “Sanctified” and rehearsal management. 

At the end of the semester, there will be open days for the public and presentations of parts of the work that were studied throughout the year.

*Designed for dancers, with a great passion for dancing and exploring movement in their mind and body, with a background in contemporary modern dance and folklore or a background in movement research of one kind or another.

At the end of the course, we will hold open days for the general public and presentations of the material studied in the works – a significant element of the way in which testimony will be obtained to the sweeping upliftment of this unique dance.




Liat Levy – dancer, classical ballet teacher, graduated with a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate from the Dance Academy in Jerusalem. A student of the "Pelvic Portal" language and a dancer in the Orly Portal Company since 2011. She comes to the preparatory program to teach alongside Orly excerpts from the work "Rabia".

Assistant and substitute teacher – Roni Peled Nadler, dancer, facilitator and psychotherapist, has been dancing in Orly Portal's company since 2009.

*Academic year 2023-2024*


Beginning of the school year: Wednesday September 06, 2023.

End of school year: Wednesday July 31, 2024.


*Classes take place on Wednesdays

Studio: Tena, Ein Shemer

Course price: NIS 9900 


For registration and payment arrangements – Contact